• Enterprise Tackle Mag-Aligner Grubs

The mag-aligner has not only proved devastating for carp but also for tench, bream, chub and barbel. Follow the instructions below.
Rob recommends 1 to 1.5 mtrs of lead core leader tied to the lead, and a sinking coated hook length, such as Suffix heavy skin, fished helicopter style.
Using a sharp pointed baiting needle, pierce the maggot I mm from the blunt end, and then run the needle up through the centre and out the same side of the maggot about I mm from the pointed end. (See fig 1). Now tie on your hook. (Rob recommends a size 10 ESP big T raptor) and slide the maggot down the hook link and push it over the eye of the hook and along the shank to the position shown in fig 2. Now remove the last 25mm of plastic coating closest to the hook, and hook on 2 real maggots. Tie a PVA sock of real maggots to the lead (Rob uses an Atomic knobbly lead) and nick the hook through it, ( fig 3) ensuring the point remains outside of the bag.


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Enterprise Tackle Mag-Aligner Grubs

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