These 1.25oz (35g) back leads strike free of the line when you have a take, and are then retrieved via a retaining cord.

These are especially useful if you want to use a heavy back lead but do not want the extra weight on the line whilst playing a fish, for example when you’re fishing across a large river to a far bank feature.

These back leads enable you to fish with a tight line along the bottom from margin to rig which enhances any rig’s hooking efficiency and improves bite indication.

·     Camouflaged plastic coated also available in Green 

·     Sold in Pairs.

Instructions for use:

·     Tie cord or mono to the eye of the back lead and the other end to a bankstick or pod. Ensure the cord is long enough to reach the bottom.

·     Set clip tension by twisting the barrel anti-clockwise to tighten.

·     Clip to the line and allow the Lightweight Captive Back Lead to slide down the mainline until the tether cord is extended and the lead reaches the bottom.

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Captive Back Light Weight Lead Sand

  • Brand: Gardner
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