The Mini Boilie Rolaball 8mm is a firm favourite with carp and specialist anglers alike.

Mini sized boilies are labour intensive, but the benefits are clear. The larger surface area to volume means that they leach out attractors more efficiently than larger baits, which can be hugely beneficial when you’re fishing short sessions or in the winter.

Tiny 8mm boilies tend to hold fish in an area longer and often promote stronger feeding as they take more effort for the fish to search out. Think of them as particle baits with all of the added attraction and nutritional benefit of your standard sized boilies!

· Includes its own correctly sized sausage rolling table moulded on the back.

· Each table has 12 channels – so rolling two sausages of boilie paste at a time will form 24 x 8mm baits quickly and easily.

Length=13cm, Width=11cm, Height=2.5cm.





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Gardner Rolaball Baitmaker 8mm (Particle Size)

  • Brand: Gardner
  • Product Code: RB8
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  • £10.50


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